Practice Areas

Renewable Energies

Our team has been active in the renewable energy market in Israel since its establishment and has accumulated rich and unique experience in the development, construction and operation of photovoltaic installations, energy storage, thermo-solar installations, wind farms, biomass facilities and biogas facilities. The firm regularly accompanies local entrepreneurs and international companies, construction contractors (EPC) and operating and maintenance contractors (O&M), as well as municipalities and companies on whose grounds the facilities are to be erected. The firm provides comprehensive legal support throughout the project’s life, from the initiation and development stage of the project and throughout the financing and construction operation stages.

Energy Consumers

Our firm has an extensive and exceptional practice in representing energy consumers and regularly accompanies industrial companies, income–yielding real-estate companies, infrastructure companies and municipal authorities in the process of purchasing reduced electricity from private electricity producers, converting factories and purchasing natural gas and fuel, establishing facilities for an independent generation of electricity through conventional and renewable technologies etc. In addition, we regularly assist clients in reducing their energy outputs, among others utilizing our familiarity with the relevant regulations and market pricing.


Our firm has unique expertise with respect to all aspects relating to the regulation of the electricity sector and the natural gas sector, both of which are characterized by complex arrangements and frequent changed We regularly advise companies, municipalities and entrepreneurs operating in these sectors, The firm works regularly and frequently with government ministries and relevant authorities and has a regular professional interface with the Electricity Authority, the Natural Gas Authority, the Fuel Administration, the Petroleum Commissioner and other entities in the Ministry of Energy. The firm regularly reviews and interprets the decisions of the relevant government ministries and authorities in order to create an added value for its customers.


The firm accompanies Israeli and international entities in various tenders and bids in the fields of energy, infrastructure, transportation and real-estate (including BOT and PFI tenders). The firm has extensive experience in both public and private tenders and has been involved in many of the major competitive processes in Israel in recent years.